products by fuel type


Select a fireplace or stove that is fueled by gas

A clean burning gas fire offers the convenience of a push of a button with a realistic flame.

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Select a fireplace or stove that is fueled by wood

No power necessary!  Who can resist the aroma of a wood burning fire?

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Select a fireplace or stove that is fueled by wood pellets.

Heating by pellets utilizes fuel that is clean, compact, and easy to use.

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Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplace

From a traditional look to a more contemporary linear style, one of these models is sure to suit a new construction application.

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Gas Inserts

Gas insert

Your old fireplace just isn't doing the job anymore, nor are your arms when it comes to chopping wood.  Consider the many design options of a gas insert.

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Gas Stoves

Gas stove

With three sizes to choose from, the convenience and efficiency of a gas stove can't be beat, not to mention being a showpiece for the home.

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Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplace

These wood fireplaces are installed in new construction, and feature both arched and rectangular models.

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Wood Inserts

Wood insert

If your old fireplace is acting like a "heat vacuum",  a wood insert may be the solution to achieve a highly efficient wood fire.

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Wood Stoves

Wood stove

Whether tucked away in a corner or featured in a central location, there are many options to choose from for a freestanding wood stove.

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Pellet Insert

Pellet insert

If you want the look of a fireplace and also want the ease of burning pellets, this is the product for you.

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Pellet Stoves

Pellet stove

Check out the three different models for a freestanding stove which burn all grade pellets, two of which  offer touch controls.

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